Indomie noodles now safe to eat – Rwanda FDA

Indomie instant noodles are safe to eat, the Rwanda Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) said Friday allaying fears over alleged aflatoxins and pesticides residues content which led to the products’ temporary ban a week ago.

Rwanda FDA had ordered suspension of distribution and importation of chicken flavoured instant noodles on the Rwandan market pending quality checks days after other countries recalled the products over similar safety concerns.

The agency on May 7 indicated that it was carrying out laboratory quality analysis of Indomie’s products available on the local market, which were found to be manufactured from Kenya.

 “Rwanda FDA’s quality control laboratory results for tested samples revealed that Indomie’s chicken flavoured products on Rwandan market manufactured in Kenya by Salim Azaran Company Ltd are free from aflatoxin and pesticides residues,” the agency head Emile Bienvenu said in statement.

FDA further informed importers, distributors and retailers that the affected products can be removed from quarantine.

It assures the general public that the products are registered and safe.Indomie instant noodles were first recalled from the Egyptian Market on May 3. The country’s Food and Safety Authority (FSA) found the products to have “aflatoxins and pesticides residues in quantities that exceeded safe limits.”

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Egypt’s ban since ignited concerns across other countries that their consumers were equally at risk.

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