DEBUNKED: Rwanda not planning merger of Districts

Local Goverment Minister Jean Marie Vianney Gatabazi (Center) visits one of the Districts in March 2022. Courtesy Photo

Circulating information claiming that government plans to carry out administrative reforms of local government entities is fake.

According to the message, which was crafted in the widely spoken Kinyarwanda language, government seeks to merge the 30 Districts into only 10.

The initiator of the message, for instance, claims that Ngoma and Kirehe Districts will be merged into Bugesera, while Nyamasheke and Karongi will be collapsed into Rusizi. Ngororero, Rutsiro and Nyabihu will be merged into Rubavu District.

The massage claims, without stating the source, that Burera and Gakenke will be merged into Musanze.

The Ministry of Local Government (MINALOC) said via its official Twitter account that the content of the message, which was widely shared across social media platforms, is false.

The ministry clarified that “no administrative reforms being planned or expected whosoever,” and told the public to ignore the message.

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