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NewsPaper Africa is a Rwanda-based digital news platform dedicated to bringing out underreported social, political or economic issues and events in daily lives of communities across the African continent.

Increasingly, topics and issues that deserve the most attention and which should feature prominently in public discourse are nowhere to be seen on the pages of Papers, or heard on airwaves and screens of the mainstream media outlets. We endeavor to raise their profile through storytelling.


We churn out content that educates, inspires and empowers readers, and contributes towards a more informed and enlightened society where no voice is sidelined and narratives underrepresented/misrepresented.

We highlight successes and failures of society and those who shape it, and at the same time shine light and spark debate/conversation on obstacles that persist, their impact and new ideas for addressing them.

We leverage existing tools and technologies to consistently tell compelling public interest stories and provide a platform for diverse voices (from regular people, socio-economic actors, experts, thought leaders and others) to share their perspectives, transmit their needs and concerns.

Our content, which include analysis of current events and in-depth features about people and projects, help you get better understanding of Rwanda, East Africa and the wider African continent.

Are you an aspiring writer? Do you have a perspective to share? This is a platform for you.

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Journalist Johnson Kanamugire

Johnson Kanamugire is award-winning Rwandan multi-platform journalist with experience spanning Radio Salus, Radio Isango Star, KFM Radio and The EastAfrican publication.

He’s published locally and in renowned regional and international publications namely The Guardian, Daily Nation, and TRT Africa, among others.

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