Misago, the rural-urban migrant father who can’t rest to keep his family fed

Jean De Dieu Misago.

Jean De Dieu Misago, 40, is Rwanda rural-urban migrant. Life of his family in the remote village of Southern Ruhango District entirely depends on his daily hustles in the capital Kigali where he moved 10 years ago.

He has attempted several casual jobs — from selling firewood, worked at construction sites to fetching water for a living — all using his bicycle.

It’s journey that hasn’t been easy for him, just like for thousands other rural-to-urban migrants in the fast changing urban market.

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Now a cyclist, he makes at least Rwf3,000 ($3) a day, sometimes it’s Rwf5,000 ($5) on a good day — too little money for someone who has got to pay schools fees for his children, meet upkeep bills for family back in the village, while equally footing daily living costs and rent for himself in the capital.

However, thanks to the saving scheme that brings him together with peers, they are able to make ends meet.

The primary school dropout dreams to become a driver. His several attempts at the driving test did not bear fruits, but he says he is not giving up any time soon because he has a family to feed.

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