YOUNG WRITER: In praise of the beauty in Black

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The beauty in Black, the Kemet we hold and we were never told, the wealth we are worth, the pride we have to bear, the walk and route we have to master and the chains we have to break.

Why is a wheel Black?  Why is coal Black? Nature!

They say Black is a color of death but dye their hair Black, because they think it is an extraordinary fashion.

They say Black suits look more presentable at conferences, they purchase Black lens and order expensive Black dresses, with also the Black roses offering unrevealed beauty and they see, it’s charming.

It is the hope in the darkest time that will reveal the brightest light.

We need to hear about the beauty in Black, Black skin, Black color, Black Kemet and Black legends like Shaka Zulu, Aliko Dangote, and late Chadwick Bose man, late Kobe Bryant… May their souls rest in eternal peace.

All these ways in which Black is portrayed as a marvelous and significant color nevertheless, I have never seen a doctor in black scrubs neither have I seen Black pills, whereas Black charcoal is used in ulcers’ treatment.

But I have witnessed Black being used as a general attire for funerals, mourning, and despair, all highlighting that Black a color with a depressing element.

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We keep hearing about Black magic, Black witches, Blacklists, and Black books not even the Black fridays during which our Black riches are spent as well as Black voices are heard.

We, the Black generation had always been good, only that the need to be heard had been thousands of miles away and out of reach.

The determination and prosperity we have to profess is worth being told to the upcoming generations, generations who were never been told about the beauty in Black.

The writer is a student at King David Academy.

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