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Ever wish that you had that tool that simplifies your work routine?

There is quite a number of useful free websites that offer exactly that, and most people wish they knew about them.

They offer tools that solve a wide range of work problems, or help you perform a number of tasks in ways that transform your work life.

They range from tools that will help you paraphrase an essay, or creates some sick designs within seconds to those that allow you to take notes easily while in an online meeting since that’s like the new normal nowadays, and others.

In this post, we explore 10 of these websites:

Tiny Wow

This provides free versions of the apps you normally pay your hard-earned money for. It includes free versions for:

  • Adobe acrobat (PDF editor /viewer)
  • Photoshop (image editor)

Jenni AI

Ever had an idea for an essay but lack the words for it? This tool is going to be your secret weapon when it comes to writing essays. All you have to do is give it a title and some sentences and then it will have your back.


If you are a millennial like me, you are tired of those sites which keep sending you unwanted emails that make your mail inbox feel like hell.

Temp-mail provides you with a temporary email address and inbox to enable you to register for a website and prevent future spam.


Ever loved a tweet and think of a way to brow it and repost it or may be another report of someone who wrote such an amazing essay and wants to make it your own?

This tool will be your new partner in crime, it will paraphrase anything you throw at it and make it seem like yours.


A handy little tool that allows you to simultaneously record yourself and your screen so you may explain things however you like. Super handy if you make tutorials.

Otter AI

Ever attended an online meeting with someone who’s pronouncing you can’t understand? Otter records your meetings and automatically transcribes them to text. 


Pexels is a great website where you can obtain premium stock photos for all of your professional and personal projects.

Remove BG

A nifty little tool which will remove the background of any image you throw at it, just like photoshop.

Convertio d

With Convertio d you can convert files for free to any format you like using this service. It’s that easy.


This website will help you upload files / sending files to others for free via a link.

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